The bodies currently depicted in my work are desperately trying to find placement in an indefinite space. In this ambiguity, we can relate to the objects not only as slightly recognizable biology but beings that are alone, uncomfortable, and questioning their residency. They too lack any guidance other than being tethered to their own physicality. These creations came out of the primordial mire and are base life. With their gaping veins, fractured bones, and overly exposed organs, they may not be the perfect evolutionary specimen, but have evolved to their evolutionary peak, which is only as far as they need to be. Sustenance is the primary objective.

To these outsiders, illusions and myths have been disregarded; Pre and Post existence is inconsequential. To not be physical, is to not be at all.

The drawings firmly reject the humanist conception of consciousness as exclusive to humans, instead… focusing on the limitations, inevitable demise, and abjections of our base biology. The impermanence of the physical, only confirms its importance.

The absence of color intensifies the ultimate demise of the objects; they are alive and growing, while simultaneously decaying. The graphite shading and hash marks refer to anatomical master drawings from the past. Yet their forms sometimes refer to contemporary subcultures addressing the gothic; such as gothic rock, death metal, works of art based in mystic and morbid motifs, and literature labeled as “weird fiction” which includes authors such as HP Lovecraft and Mary Shelly.

I drew the compositions to spark recognition of pulsing forms from across the biological gamut. Fragments of internal organs, bone, insect casings, fur, antlers, tentacles, fissures, viscous liquids and a myriad of other bits and pieces to focus on our existence as beings that extend no further than our own physiology. We are without inherit meaning.

As depicted, life is constantly growing. The temptation to exist is evident. Proliferation is irrefutable. In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm “The history of evolution is that life escapes all barriers. Life breaks free. Life expands to new territories. Painfully, perhaps even dangerously. But life finds a way.”